Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms, Treatment & Timeline

After you’ve drained your glass, your body immediately works to get rid of it. Chances are you’ll still be feeling it for about an hour, maybe even 2 hours depending on how your body metabolizes [...]

Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms, Treatment & Timeline2024-04-03T02:37:55-07:00

How to Recover When Your Partner Gets Sober

ContentClimate Change Is Affecting Kids’ Health — Here’s What Parents Need to KnowThe Changing Landscape of MarriageSubstance Use TreatmentLiving with someone with a substance use disorderMedication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)How does the relationship align with my long-term goals [...]

How to Recover When Your Partner Gets Sober2024-04-16T01:40:03-07:00
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